Popular Tweets Open Doors


Twitter continues to be one of the most popular ways for people to share their views instantly. It allows anyone to live tweet their views and opinions, or to raise awareness for a cause. Online expression is vital to information gathering, and tweeting falls right behind Facebook in popularity for this purpose. However, the most popular tweets are thought provoking, or they grant access into the lives of others that we admire. In order to become a popular Twitter user, you must first understand why it works with such efficiency. Here are some tips to help you understand why some tweets surpass others.

Provocative views and statements continue to be the most popular tweets. Anytime someone expresses a controversial view, others will re-tweet it. Re-tweeting is the way to get your voice heard by many different people online. Major social issues that are explored through Twitter often become viral if they evoke anger or a sense of unity. Controversial topics like war, gay marriage, terrorism, and free speech are quite popular. In order to develop a following you must create intelligent and thought-provoking tweets. You must also grant complete access to the public.

Popular tweets also include brand building measures. Building an online brand allows you to make money on your own terms. It allows you to make connections with industry insiders, especially in the field of blogging. Bloggers tweet out the latest information about a certain subject to garner attention from others. Then they direct Twitter followers to their own websites so that they gain much more web traffic. When this is done correctly, the results are astounding. Some people quit their day jobs to solely focus on their online work. Popular tweets lead to success. If you do it the right way, you can gain more exposure.

Worthy causes and fundraisers gain more notoriety through great tweets as well. For example, if a family member has cancer, you might want to tweet out your situation. Your tweets can direct people to a website where they can make donations for this worthy cause. Animal welfare activists use Twitter for this purpose as well. Cases of animal abuse are brought to the public's attention. This helps to create a social issue that others simply cannot ignore. Popular tweets allow you to make real changes in the world, and to gain much more exposure for the beliefs that you care about the most.

Perhaps the most popular tweets of all are those created by celebrities. Movie stars, musicians, and athletes create some that are the most popular to read. This is due to the fact that Twitter allows fans to have access to real-time thoughts and actions of their favourite celebrities. In the past, fans had to rely on information they gained from a third party. Now, they can follow a celebrity with the guarantee that what they are reading is actually authentic. Those who use Twitter the right way will open countless doors.