File Format Information


Once you save a file, your computer will give you options on for how to save the file. Usually, the suggested format is more than sufficient for most files that you wish to save. However, there are differences in quality when it comes to pictures. Additionally, some computers are not able to open some file formats. For example, someone who owns a Mac Book might struggle to open a Microsoft Word document if they do not have Word installed on their computer. In these cases, the file must be converted into one that is recognised by the other computer. Here are some issues to consider regarding some of the more popular file formats.

Anytime you save pictures they will be saved as a .jpg, .png, or .gif file. There are subtle differences between all of these, so it is important to understand which ones are the best to use. The creation of new file format technology requires changes. A .jpg file was developed to be the standard format for all professional photographers. These types of files compress data by minimising sections of the image into blocks or pixels. When a .jpg is compressed it is permanent. It is not designed for photo editing. A .gif file, or Graphics Interchange Format, is an older type of file. It is moreso associated with the internet as opposed to professional photography.

However, one of the best image file formats is the .png. this format was developed as an alternative to .gif files. It is a great choice when it comes to internet graphics because it supports transparency, unlike other file types. It supports different bits of colour as well, thus making it much more usable. The image quality is not degraded when saved or altered with this file type. Many people love this file because it is ideal for screenshot software. Pixel for pixel reproduction of whatever is on our desk top is flawlessly executed.

If you have ever saved or sent information in a spread sheet, then you are familiar with .xls file formats. Those who have Microsoft Excel can open any saved documents that contain a .xls file extension. Additionally, Mac owners can open these types of files if they have a program called Numbers. The importance of .xls files cannot be understated. Vast amounts of information can be organised into structured boxes, which makes it much easier for users to access the information. These files are ideal for book keeping and balancing budgets. Business owners are quite familiar with this type of file.

Perhaps the most common type of file extension is the .doc. Most people own one of two document programs; Microsoft Word, or Pages for Apple Mac Books. Word documents are the most common, and files that are saved with this file format can be universally opened. Those who own Pages, however, might have to make adjustments to the ways in which they save their documents so that others can open them. One method that people use, is to export the file as a Word document. This essentially converts is into a format that can be opened across many platforms.